The Trilogy begins...


Early 2012 and James Beswick, Dorian Cramm and Faye Williams form what will become the foundations of...


Drawing on their love of the synthesiser, well crafted melodies and retro futurism, they are Influenced by pioneering electronic artists like Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Japan, Brian Eno and Vangelis as well as contemporary bands like Editors, VNV Nation and Ladytron.

But these comparisons are only half of the story. Their sound is both dark and brooding with a cinematic edge, conveying themes such as escapism and unrequited love, which evolves into well crafted, uplifting and anthemic music.


As the band put it "We love how the limitations and little foibles of hardware synths inspire creativity and give our songs character, we always strive to play as much as we can live and not rely on Laptops."

Their sound is most definitely not disposable as fans have discovered during 2013.


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